Sunday, July 22

Our new home

Hayfa and I are now home-owners! Picked up the keys to our new condo apartment yesterday, and spent most of this weekend discussing paints, what should go where, etc. (we're both fairly easy-going so it takes us ages to decide anything!)

Friday, July 6

Better dependency management with Pax Construct

Had some really useful discussions during the OSGi Community Event in Munich about wrapping complex artifacts such as Hibernate3. The next drop of Pax Construct will try to handle dependencies for you as much as possible (automatically embedding / wrapping / importing them as required) so with one command you can drag an artifact into your OSGi project without having to repeatedly deploy or compile to track down those annoying missing dependencies.

Also planned: OBR support to search for artifacts based on your bundle's imports :)

As ever, let me know via JIRA or email if there's anything that would make OSGi development that little bit easier!

Tuesday, July 3

OSGi Alliance Community Event talks now online

My talk from the 2007 OSGi Alliance Community Event is now online:

along with slides from all the other talks - well worth perusing.