Friday, February 27

maven-bundle-plugin 2.0.0 coming soon

Just started a vote for the next major release of the maven-bundle-plugin, if all goes well it will be published to Maven central next Wednesday (4th March).

Sunday, February 22

Guice feature comparison

Yesterday Jesse added this table to the Optional AOP page of the Guice wiki:

Guice 1.0 Guice 2.0 Guice+AOP 2.0 GIN
Library size 544Kb 420Kb 640Kb 0Kb (code gen)
High performance
Binding EDSL
Fast reflection ✔ (cglib) ✔ (cglib) ✔ (code gen)
Line numbers in error messages
Method interceptors
Provider Methods
Binding overrides
Tool-friendly SPI
Child Injectors
Servlet Support Scopes Only
Error Reporting Good Better Best Best

I think it's a great summary and shows how flexible the new release will be.