Saturday, February 10

My new macbook

I've always wanted to try out a mac, and the recent batch of Intel Core 2 Duo macbooks really caught my eye. However, I managed to resist the temptation last year ... as my wife Hayfa kept reminding me, we didn't need more computers cluttering up the house (we already have a dell laptop and an AMD64 desktop that I built in the UK).

Anyway, recently I moved to a new job (working on OSGi stuff) and this triggered a new bout of window ...err... mac-browsing. I'd been looking at the 2GHz mid-range model, but it wasn't in stock in KL. Then one weekend when Hayfa was in Penang (funny how I buy these things when my sayang isn't around) I saw an advert for MacCity in Cineleisure - RM3999 for the basic model for the first 10 customers between 3 and 5pm, a saving of RM400!

So I drove to Cineleisure, parked, wandered over to the store just before 3pm, mulled things over a bit, decided to queue and got the next-to-last one!

I'm very happy with my macbook - didn't take long to get used to the single mouse button (even starts to make sense!) and the mac command key. Even happier once I got fink and iTerm installed - in fact, it's now replaced my development machine at work!

Hayfa was pleased with my purchase in the end, because we don't have to fight over using the dell while we sit on the coach ... and it didn't take long (I think under an hour) for her to 'persuade' me to add a login for her on the macbook :)

So... if anyone wants a dell, let me know ;)


kiawin said...

OSGi? I didn't know anyone working on OSGi in Malaysia. May I know who's involved?

mcculls said...

We're part of the Jayway software house and work on all things OSGi, for example OPS4J. Among others, I work with Niclas Hedhman who is a member of the JSR 291 (OSGi R4.1) expert group.

kiawin said...

it's glad to see somebody's working on OSGi :) I'm working on my master research which is related to OSGi :)