Tuesday, December 4

Pax Construct 0.6.2 Released

Moving to 0.6.2

You can update existing scripts and projects with the pax-update command. Or you can download the new scripts and manually change the maven-pax-plugin version in your project's pom.xml.

Change Log


  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-52] - pax-clone has issues with java files containing #. and #stop
  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-53] - pax-clone corrupts binaries
  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-54] - pax-validate.bat fails when invoked from cygwin
  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-55] - pax-import-bundle throws NPE when run outside of a maven project - it should report an error instead
  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-56] - pax:eclipse error using latest 0.6.2-SNAPSHOT
  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-57] - Support using Pax-Construct scripts in a directory with spaces under Cygwin


  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-50] - maven-pax-plugin can cause long compilation times when unpacking bundles with embedded dependencies
  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-58] - Add provided dependencies as required libraries in the Eclipse classpath to better support testing


  • [PAXCONSTRUCT-51] - Separate archetypes from the main pax plugin and scripts so they can be released separately

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