Friday, October 24

OSGi in Action!

The kind folks at Manning have just made the first chapter of "OSGi in Action" available through their early access program:

Unfortunately the figures seem to be chopped off in the PDF, so apologies for that in advance... we're using OpenOffice to write the book and this is apparently new for Manning, so there's still a couple of bugs to squash in the publishing process. Never mind, the next update will be much better!

Richard, Karl and I are eagerly working on getting the next few chapters ready for MEAP. This is where we delve into the different layers of OSGi (modularity, lifecycle and services) with plenty of examples to explain the differences and best practices.

Those of you signed up to MEAP can send comments and corrections via the author forum. You can also reach us via the usual lists (Felix, OPS4J, etc.)

That's all for now - got to get back to writing!

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