Thursday, December 18

Want to hear the latest on Guice and OSGi?

Then you'll want to attend EclipseCon 2009, where you can hear me talk about using Guice and the peaberry extension to blend OSGi services with Eclipse extensions:

I'll also be running through some of the design decisions behind peaberry which I think are pretty neat - like the recent work on "outjection" that lets you share services between registries and watch for service updates. If I have time I'll also discuss some thoughts about lifecycle support (for some background see Todor's recent request).

I'm going to be around for the whole conference, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions about peaberry, Pax-Construct, the maven-bundle-plugin, or the "OSGi in Action" book :)


Anonymous said...

Will "OSGi in Action" contain a chapter about Peaberry?

mcculls said...

Maybe a mention in the review of OSGi component models, definitely not a whole chapter to itself. But if there's enough interest there could be a separate short book on peaberry at some point :)