Wednesday, November 28

mmm... durian

One of the benefits of living in Malaysia is the wide range of food available*. It took me a while to get used to eating durian fruit, as the smell reminded me too much of ripe cheese - but now my wife and I can happily eat several in a single sitting.

I don't know exactly when it happened, but one day I was drawn to the smell rather than it putting me off - since then I look forward to durian season and enjoy savouring the different flavours and textures you can find here and in Indonesia. Every fruit is different - and now and again you find a really great durian that you just wish you could eat again :)

These days you can find durian in ice-cream, candy, mooncakes - even doughnuts!

perhaps this could even make Homer Simpson try durian?

(* I also like Indonesian salak but it's hard to find good supplies of this locally)


Peter said...

Mmmh, Durian is not amongst my favorits, but Mango is IMHO the best fruit of Aisa!

Peter said...

Hi Stuart,
not that I love Durian, but Mango is really what I envy you Aisan dwellers for!