Wednesday, November 21

Pax Construct 0.6.1 Released

if you have 0.6.0 installed, you can use pax-update to upgrade your existing scripts (must be run from inside the scripts bin directory).

Release Notes - Pax Construct - Version 0.6.1


  • PAXCONSTRUCT-47 - Default classpath entry for an imported bundle is missing when source is unavailable


  • PAXCONSTRUCT-46 - Use latest release of Pax-Runner by default, instead of always defaulting to a known static version
  • PAXCONSTRUCT-49 - resources out of basic resource path included in details.bnd not copied when cloning, or fix for bundle build

New Feature

  • PAXCONSTRUCT-48 - Allow users to specify a different bundle groupId, rather than limiting them to the generated groupId

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