Friday, March 7

Pax Construct 1.0 released

I've released version 1.0 of Pax Construct, just in time for EclipseCon! (phew) And now you can find the scripts and plugin on the central Maven repository, so it's even easier to use:


- Add all Maven compilation dependencies to the Eclipse classpath

- Add pax:provision option to select Pax-Runner profiles (-Ddeploy=...)

- Support use of Pax-Runner argument files (-Dargs=)

- Support pax:run as alias for pax:provision

- Provide a pax-provision script that works outside of a Maven project

- Support provisioning of bundles not marked as provided dependencies

New Feature

- Add new command "pax-create-module" to simplify creation of subdirectories


- Look into using velocity instead of groovy to generate the various scripts

Plus several changes to the underlying internals to improve performance and usability.

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