Friday, March 7

A jolt of Guice

Fantastic news from this year's Jolt Awards: Guice won the award for "Libraries/Frameworks" beating several other worthy finalists, including the Spring Framework! Hopefully this news will provoke a fresh injection of interest in Guice :)

Certainly I'm feeling more of a buzz about the next release, and can't wait to find time to continue my work on extending Guice to support dynamic injection of services from registries, such as the one in OSGi (

So congratulations to Bob, Kevin and everyone else involved with Guice!


Don Brown said...

Speaking of Peaberry, I'm researching using it as the basis of an application plugin framework for my day job, Atlassian. I couldn't find a mailing list or personal contact address, hence this posting. I'm interested in its status, capabilities so far, and where you see it going in the near future.

mcculls said...

Hi Don,

Sounds interesting, I've been tied up the last week finishing my OSGi tutorial for EclipseCon (which I delivered yesterday) but I'm going to focus on Peaberry now.

I'll sort out a mailing list as several other people have asked about this - otherwise my gmail id is mcculls.

Current status is that the major patches to Guice are done, but I still need to finish moving the Service Registry connection code from my earlier Guice-OSGi prototype - which should only take a few days.

Basic capabilities that Peaberry will provide are: OSGi service injection (and registration) based on annotations and this should be available soon.

Longer term, I'm hoping to do some integration with OSGi Declarative Services (which uses XML config) and the Eclipse plugin registry (which also uses XML).

The current focus is on OSGi services, but there's no reason why it shouldn't support other plugin or service based systems.


mcculls said...