Monday, April 7

peaberry 0.3 available for testing / review

I've uploaded a new peaberry bundle along with early design docs:
(this also contains the source code under OSGI-OPT)

the new design is much less invasive: you can decide to explicitly
add bindings to services without using the @Service annotation if
you want, and you can even use peaberry to inject services from
other registry based systems (by implementing ServiceRegistry).

There's also a small demo to show it working in practice

although this demo doesn't actually do anything useful ;)

I'll upload the user guide tomorrow and then start working on a
production quality implementation of the OSGiServiceRegistry
(the current one is basic proof-of-concept and non-optimal).

Other TODOs:

mandatory services (ie. bundle won't start without them)

service registration (need to find an intuitive approach)

Anyway, please take a look and let me know what you think.

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