Thursday, March 5

maven-bundle-plugin 2.0.0 released!

The Apache Felix team is pleased to announce the release of maven-bundle-plugin 2.0.0

This release uses the latest bndlib (0.0.311) which requires you to build with a Java5 JDK. You can continue to target earlier JVMs while building with a Java5 or later JDK by setting the source and target levels in the maven-compiler-plugin configuration.

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release:


  • [FELIX-545] - Export-Package version inconsistencies.
  • [FELIX-546] - Import-Package version inconsistencies.
  • [FELIX-549] - Import-Package should not include "snapshot" from snapshot dependencies
  • [FELIX-660] - "Class in different directory than declared" error when bundle classes in a directory other than bundle root
  • [FELIX-677] - Parser throws error when DynamicImport-Package contains attributes
  • [FELIX-699] - manifest goal does not interprete _include instruction correctly
  • [FELIX-782] - Manifest goal ignores version attribute specified in _exportcontents
  • [FELIX-807] - conversion of JAR into bundle fails if there are classes is the default name space
  • [FELIX-831] - bndlib unnecessary modifies valid OSGi Bundle-Version numbers (update to bndlib 0.0.293)
  • [FELIX-843] - Regression: BND 0.0.295 does not augment Ignore-Package with excluded import packages
  • [FELIX-850] - Wrong symbolic name computed when groupId is a single segment string.
  • [FELIX-864] - A wrong symbolic name is calculated if artifactId starts with lastGroupIdSegment-.
  • [FELIX-899] - Version attribute missing from Import-Package on provided dependencies
  • [FELIX-907] - Regression in latest BND code: negated exports are applied to private packages


  • [FELIX-684] - Enable excludeDependencies to check groupId, version, etc. rather than only artifactId
  • [FELIX-806] - changing the internal configuration of the archive plugin doesn't seem to be possible
  • [FELIX-941] - Support singleton & fragment-attachment directive generation

New Feature

  • [FELIX-912] - Improve default Export-Package / Private-Package settings by scanning the project source
A quick bundle example using the classic Maven quickstart project:

  mvn archetype:create -DartifactId=my-app

# edit the pom.xml, change packaging from jar to bundle and add:


  mvn clean install
# you should now have a valid OSGi bundle

plugin docs:
plugin FAQ:
bnd docs:

Regards, the Apache Felix team

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