Sunday, October 15

Footy Futsal

Just got back from Footy Futsal in Taman Megah - lots of fun and exercise as usual, but have to play in the evenings at the moment as it's fasting month. My wife and I had gone to Mid Valley earlier on in the day to recycle the mountain of paper and plastic that we'd accumulated over the last few months (including far too many Dunkin' Donut boxes!).

After breaking fast with kurma (dates) we prayed Maghrib while the Surau was relatively quiet. Most people were waiting to break fast in the various restaurants - it was weird seeing row on row of tables with steaming hot food, with everyone checking the time on their mobiles.

We had hoped to eat in Chili's, but by the time we got there the waiting time was 1.5 hours! Our original plan was scuppered by their no reservation policy :( Oh well, we managed to get seats at a nice italian instead, and had plenty of time to let the food settle before the futsal.

Time to finish this post, so we can read a bit of the Qu'ran before going to bed ... have a religious class tomorrow at Al-Khadeem led by Ustaz Hussein Yee, who gives very thoughtful sermons.

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