Saturday, October 14

ssshh... Pisang Quiet

After several months of playing around with blogger settings, and somehow never having the time to write down my thoughts (or write up, depending which hemisphere you're in) I finally got bored of choosing a colour scheme and decided to start posting.

So... 'pisang quiet' ('peace and quiet' for those of you who enjoy malay+english puns, 'quiet banana' for those of you who like bananas) is my new blog, after my last one reached the heady heights of 11 posts. There have been a lot of changes since then - I'm now married to Hayfa, and we're living together in KL.

Married life is really good - my isteri and I went to Terengganu for our honeymoon and tried snorkelling for the first time: I normally keep to my depth when swimming, but my wife helped me overcome my nerves and explore further out at sea (the life jacket helped too!). It was so cool seeing herds of fish sweep majestically across... sorry, wrong vacation. Seriously though, the trip to Redang Lang Tengah was amazing - soft white sand, clear seas with brightly coloured fish, and my sayang at my side :)

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