Wednesday, October 18

Google Sitemap for Blogger Beta (was solved, now broken)

I've been trying to submit my Blogger site to Google for a few days now, and was stuck at the 'Add Sitemap' stage. I couldn't publish my own sitemap directly to the root folder because it's hosted on blogspot, so I was hoping to use the feed URL:

Unfortunately, the beta version of Blogger uses a newer version of the Atom format which Google Sitemap doesn't like. Thankfully there is a simple solution which I found while searching Google groups ... just use the RSS feed instead:

it's as simple as that :)

... at least it was until Blogger Beta changed over to the REST style feeds at /feeds/blogid/posts/default. The RSS version is available by using the ?alt=rss parameter (/feeds/blogid/posts/default?alt=rss) but for some reason the top-level rss.xml file redirects to the atom format!

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Ashok Kumar said...

Thanks for your interesting fact about the matter. but since yesterday, this is not working, especially for blogger beta, in which i have two blogs. can you please check and confirm the same. you can comment the same on my blog or send me an email. Thanks in advance