Saturday, October 14

Task orientated Java development

Yesterday I stumbled upon a neat Eclipse plugin called Mylar which helps you manage tasks: for example you're working on a new module, but suddenly need to track down and fix a bug in another part of the project. With Mylar you can jump into the new task, safe in the knowledge that your previous GUI context (ie. open files, layout etc.) is stored under the old task. If you find the bug belongs to another developer, you can even share the relevant context to save time.

It also keeps track of how long you spend on each task, which will keep micro-managers happy :)

The site I was surfing when I saw Mylar is called InfoQ, and so far it's been a really good source of the latest news and innovations in the Java/Enterprise world. It also has one of the best Web2 interfaces I've seen this year where the videos sync with the slides - understated, but helpful.

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